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Eric Bleumink Fellowship

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MA scholarships

In support of exceptional talent from all across the globe

The Eric Bleumink Fellowship (EBF) provides MA scholarships to exceptionally gifted students from developing countries. Each year, the EBF awards selected young talents with individual grants of 15,000 Euros for MA programs at the UG. The scholarship empowers young people to pursue their ambitions, contributing to the university’s vibrant and globally diverse community.

Over the past two decades, 88 students from over 20 countries have been awarded an EBF grant. The scholarship is managed by the Ubbo Emmius Foundation, and overseen by a Committee. The scholarship was created in 2000 on the occasion of Eric Bleumink’s retirement, who had served as president of the University of Groningen for 12 years.

Awardees 2022-2023

Ekram Shoa Jemal (Ethiopia) MA Clinical and Psychosocial Epidemiology

There is a great need for well-trained doctors in Ethiopia. Care is often mainly based on experience and much less on scientific knowledge. Ekram wants to change that. After studying medicine at Addis Ababa University, she was (the only) doctor in a health center. There she also started training people. During the corona pandemic, she was also team leader of the Covid19 management team and coordinated the vaccination program. In Groningen she hopes not only to further expand her own scientific knowledge, but also to establish international contacts to improve healthcare in Ethiopia. Her favorite place in Groningen is Forum: 'The view is spectacular, its a great place to study at and close to the UMCG where I go to school.'

Ngoc Thuy Tram Nguyen (Vietnam) Ma Medical Pharmaceutical Sciences

When Ngoc Thuy Tram was in high school, her grandfather died of liver cancer. Since then she has wanted to know how cancer can be prevented and treated. She went on to study pharmacy at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Ho Chi Minh City and graduated in 2020 as one of the top students of her year. In Groningen she wants to specialize further. She hopes to be able to do a PhD after her master's and to help develop more effective and cheaper medicines against cancer in Vietnam. Her favorite place in Groningen is the Martinitoren: 'By standing in this place, I can fully enjoy the bustling vitality - the foreign yet familiar atmosphere just like how it was back home in Vietnam. Thus, my homesickness is eased a lot whenever I come here.'

Hawi Geleta Deksisa (Ethiopia), LLM Public International Law; International Human Rights Law

Ever since she started her law studies, Hawi Geleta has had a clear goal: the protection and promotion of human rights in Ethiopia. That is why, in addition to her studies, she was also active as a volunteer at a center for legal aid and the Danish Refugee Council, among others. Since graduating (with great distinction) she has been working at Save the Children International. She wants to develop further as an academic and lawyer in the field of human rights so that she can not only assist people but also contribute to improvements in legislation and politics. Hawi's favorite spot in Groningen is Forum: 'The reason why I enjoy the Forum is because it offers an ideal study environment with a stunning view of Groningen.'

Liudmyla Filiuk (Ukraine) MA International Security (International Relations)

Groningen is not new to Liudmyla. She got to know the university and the city during her third year of study at the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy (NaUKMA), thanks to an exchange program. Then she knew: I want to study there for a longer period of time. Because even that short time in Groningen brought her many new insights. During her studies, she immersed herself in the relationship between Russia and the European Union and Ukrainian-Hungarian relations. Now that her country is at war, she wants more than ever to further develop academic knowledge about international relations.
Her favorite place in Groningen is the Hoornsemeer: 'That is because 2 years ago during my exchange semester here I used to live in the SSH building nearby (Van Swietenlaan). We used to go there with friends for a walk, for short biking trips, in summer - for a swim. It's probably the most nostalgic place for me in the whole city.'

Chibwe Mulwe (Zambia) MA Environmental and Infrastructure Planning

Chibwe Mulwe studied urban planning in Zambia and Russia and since graduating has been working for the local government in Chama, a remote district in eastern Zambia. The region suffers from extreme droughts and floods due to climate change, environmental pollution, population growth and a declining ecosystem in which there is less and less room for wildlife. In Groningen he wants to learn more about how he can contribute to a solution to these problems as an urban planner.
His favorite place in Groningen is the Stadspark: 'I recently visited the park over the weekend and I liked how the interactions among the locals reminded me of the shared interdependence and the reason why we work hard. To give something valuable to our loved ones.'

Awardees 2021-2022

Benolia Adjei - Cudjoe (Ghana) MA in Society, Sustainability and Planning

During each year's rainy season, Ghana's cities are devastated by persistent urban floods. As a child, Beniola witnessed how an entire family drowned during one such tragedy.

This experience deeply impacted her life, and would ignite her dream of making Ghana’s cities more resilient by rebalancing the needs of the natural environment and urban populations.

Benolia obtained a BA with honors in Geography and Regional Planning from the University of Cape Coast in 2019, followed by coursework in poverty studies, gender geography and development planning. The EBF grant for an MA in Society, Sustainability and Planning at the UG helps her pursue her ambitions of addressing Ghana’s urban problems and of becoming a teacher to future students.

Ultimately, it is Benolia's dream to one day become Ghana’s new Minister of Urban and Rural Development.

Annapoorna Kumar (India) MA in Ethics of Education: Philosophy, History, and Law

Annapoorna grew up in the southern Indian state of Kerala, raised by parents who ran a nonprofit for orphans, the elderly and disabled people. From a young age, she experienced the importance of education and health care for people with special needs.

Her childhood inspired her to study law and education in hopes of addressing the notoriously high levels of illiteracy in her home country, which stronger education could help improve. But India also suffers from more complex problems such as gender-based and child abuse, that require broader policy solutions.

After obtaining a law degree from the Gujarat National University, she returned to work at her parents’ foundation. Annapoorna is convinced India’s disadvantaged populations are best served by an approach that integrates improved education with a stronger emphasis on social issues, ethics and communication skills.

By completing an MA in Ethics of Education: Philosophy, History and Law, she hopes to find new insights to better support India's underprivileged communities.

Kismat Pandey (Nepal) MA in Mechanical Engineering (2021-2023)

Kismat thinks of it as the irony of his home country: while Nepal is incredibly rich in natural resources for producing hydropower, it suffers from severe power outages that can last for more than 12 hours at a time.

As a Bachelor’s student, Kismat examined the conditions for creating hydropower and became fascinated by the technical aspects of building the necessary facilities.

But he was soon confronted with Nepal’s outdated computer technology and the limited possibilities for policy change. Obstacles that keep the country from using its natural resources for good. Current research and development for hydropower in Nepal relies primarily on foreign investments and expertise.

Thanks to the Eric Bleumink Fellowship, Kismat is now an MA candidate in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Groningen. He is excited about the chance to work in advanced research facilities with access to an internationally diverse network of experts.

After completing his MA in the Netherlands, Kismat is determined to further the technological development of Nepal as a teacher and researcher.

Nam Nguyen-Hoang (Vietnam) MA in Clinical and Psychosocial Epidemiology

Nam was among the best students of his class at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Ho Chi Minh, obtaining a flawless grade for his thesis and receiving numerous accolades as a student.

The first person in his family with the chance to finish high school and pursue an academic degree, he quickly found a job as a pharmacist at an international hospital.

Vietnam suffers from notoriously high rates of depression and mental disorder, a national epidemic that affected Nam directly when he tragically lost a friend to suicide. It has become his goal to become a researcher and lecturer in psychiatric health care.

By pursuing an MA in Clinical and Psychosocial Epidemiology in Groningen, Nam wants to broaden his horizons and hopes to experience diverse ways of teaching and research. In the future, he plans to make a difference by sharing his knowledge with his peers and future generations of students in his field.

Eric Bleumink

On 24 May 2000, Eric Bleumink retired as president of the UG's Board of Directors.

During his long career, he also served as the institution’s rector magnificus and member of the board at the faculty of Medicine. Professor Bleumink was a strong advocate for the university’s active commitment to social causes regionally, nationally, and globally.

His accomplishments include numerous partnerships with universities in developing countries, a strategic priority that would become an integral part of the university’s mission under his leadership.

The university’s academic community established the scholarship in professor Bleumink’s name to continue the legacy of his exceptional contribution to the UG.

Eric Bleumink as the university's president during a visit with Queen Beatrix, 1994


Each year the board makes a new selection of awardees. Members of the board:

  • Jacquelien Scherpen (chair), rector magnificus
  • Mariska Roze - Busstra
  • Edwina Doting
  • Elisabeth de Boer
  • Hacen El Hacen


The application round for the academic year 2023 - 2024 is closed. In Q4 of 2023, information will be published on the next application round for 2024-2025.

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