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Donor-Advised Funds

A Donor-Advised Fund allows you to set the objective for your donation to the UEF. Your personal preferences and any conditions are formalized in a gift agreement.

How Donor-Advised Funds work

A Donor-Advised Fund means your donation is managed as a separate fund within our foundation's endowment for gradual longer-term funding. Your fund is used exclusively for the purpose of your choice.

Setting up a Donor-Advised Fund

Your personal preferences and any conditions are formalized in a gift agreement. Your donation becomes a designated fund in our financial records. There is no need to set up a charitable foundation, nor is notarization or the appointment of a board of directors required. The administration of your fund is managed by the UEF at no additional cost.

Communications and fundraising

You may provide the fund with a name of your choice and develop a plan to raise donations from others. In some cases, the UEF may be able to help you in raising additional funds. Donors who wish to contribute to your fund benefit from the same tax advantages as any other UEF donor thanks to our ANBI classification.


You may choose to keep your fund anonymous. As there is no need for a charitable foundation in your name, registration in the Chamber of Commerce is not required.

Legacy gift

Donor-Advised Funds can have long-term horizons for funding that may outlast your lifetime. If you are considering a planned gift to the UEF, a fund can be a way of experiencing the impact of your donation in person


The minimum amount for the creation of a new Donor-Advised Fund is 50,000 Euro.

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For more information on a Donor-Advised Fund based on your priorities, please use the online form to contact us.

Neem voor meer informatie contact op met Kim Evertz, Development manager:

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